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ADHD Self-Help 1

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Knowing from experience that ADHD is not outgrown or cured", it is true that adult ADHDers have developed skills over the years to handle...

ADHD Parental Guide

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Until recently, ADHD-kids were labelled as a product of bad parenting. It's not. It's a real physical condition. BUT, parenting styles...

ADHD a Gift?

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Is ADHD a gift? The more ADHD is becoming to be seen as a real issue, the more proponents are trying to convince the general public...

ADHD Defined

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This is not the official classification of ADD or ADHD, but an "easy reference" summary of ADD / ADHD, by Christopher Green (1997). It...

ADHD Co-morbid Conditions

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Comorbid conditions associated with ADHD. ADHD doesn't cause any other disorder or condition, but generally may presents itself in ADHDers....

ADHD Characteristics

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A few characteristics of ADHD as a quick reference. This is not a complete list and please don't use this to assess and diagnose ADHD....

ADHD Assessment Tools

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The purpose of assessment is not to label people with a "condition", but to help yourself/somebody/ADHD families to better understand...

ADHD Quick Facts

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Disclaimer: Since the writing of this article, ongoing research have added much more clarification on what we know about ADD/ADHD.

ADHD Predominantly Inattentive Type

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Predominant problems of attention, learning and executive control (generally called ADD) People with attention deficit have a weakness...
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