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ADHD Workshop

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I was invited to attend an ADHD Workshop at the Dutch Reformed Church, White River' Bluetooth Parenting evening.

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

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I've been struggling lately with a feeling of dysphoria. Now, dysphoria originates from a greek word, δύσφορος, which means a severe...

Overcoming Addiction

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t is generally excepted that ADHD has a high risk to abuse and possibly addiction. First, a quick definition of addiction; followed by...

Executive Function Deficit Disorder

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Barkley has made very conclusive remarks on exactly what is it that is affecting our lives. By analysing the executive functions that...

ADHD & Medication

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ADHD Medication is forever in the news; is controversial and has a "bad name". People say it makes them "Zombies"; no real difference;...

ADHD Research Results - Barkley

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Not much research has been done on adult ADHD in the past. Many was of the opinion that it can and will be outgrown in adulthood. Recently,...

ADHD Diagnostic Criteria

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DSM-V, the official diagnostic manual for psychiatrists and psychologists, sets very specific criteria for diagnosign ADD/ADHD to distinguish...

ADHD and Serotonin

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I recently read about Serotonin, Dopamine and the neurotransmitter Tryptophan and found some interesting hypothesis worth reading; and...

ADHD Resources

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I've learned a lot of ADHD from the following books I've read, and would like to give credit to them. Many information on this site is...

ADHD in Adults

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Many from the older generation believed that ADHD will be outgrown during the adolescence and adult life. It is now generally accepted...

ADHD Self-Help 2

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Since my "Self-help # 1", I have read some more (Barkley, 2010), tried some more and like to share my journey with you. From Russel...
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