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Apart from being a personal journey, there are so many misconceptions, ignorance and uninformed opinions about ADD/ADHD and related topics, that we would like to add to the body of knowledge. If one person can be assisted and have a better understanding of themselves, a partner, child, colleague or spouse; we would be grateful. 

Online Articles From A Personal Perspective


ADHD and Serotonin

I recently read about Serotonin, Dopamine and the neurotransmitter Tryptophan and found some interesting hypothesis worth reading. But lets first understand these concepts.

ADHD Co-morbid Conditions

ADHD doesn't cause any other disorder or condition, but generally may presents itself in ADHDers.


Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

Many ADHDers struggle from time to time with a feeling of dysphoria. Dysphoria originates from a greek word, δύσφορος, which means a severe state of not being able to bear with an emotion or situation. 

Overcoming Addiction

It is generally excepted that ADHD has a high risk to abuse and possibly addiction. 


ADHD - more than Attention and Hyperactivity Disorder

One of the biggest influences on my perception of ADHD, is the research and related findings of Russel Barkley.

ADHD Self-Help 1

Knowing from experience that ADHD is not outgrown or cured", it is true that adult ADHDers have developed skills over the years to handle those traits ...

ADHD Self-Help 2

Since my "Self-help # 1", I have read some more (Barkley, 2010), tried some more and like to share my journey with you.

ADHD Quick Facts

Some Quick Facts about ADHD. Please note that this is not an extensive list of typical ADHD characteristics.

ADHD Resources

The information on this web site has been compiled mostly from the following resources.

ADHD Presentation

I was invited by the DR Church, White River, to attend a workshop on ADHD.


ADHD Diagnostic Criteria

The official manual for psychiatric conditions, called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) was revised in 2000 (DSM-IV-TR).

ADHD A Gift or a Struggle?

The more ADHD is becoming to be seen as a real issue, the more proponents are trying to convince the general public that it is not a disorder or a deficit of something, but actually a wonderful gift!

ADHD in Adults

any from the older generation believed that ADHD will be outgrown during the adolescence and adult life. It is now generally accepted that ADD/ADHD is prevalent in adults.


What does the Science Say?

Not much research has been done on adult ADHD in the past. Many was of the opinion that it can and will be outgrown in adulthood. Recently, Russel Barkley (PhD) has conduct extensive research on adult ADHD.

ADHD and Medication

ADHD Medication is forever in the news; is controversial and has a "bad name". People say it makes them "Zombies"; no real difference; depressed; anxious etc.


ADHD Assessment Tools 

Copeland Symptom Checklist

  • Developed by Edna Copeland

  • Usefull for Adults

Hallowell Suggested Diagnostic Criteria for Adults

  • Developed by Drs. Edward Hallowell and John Ratey

  • For Adults

Barkley & DuPaul's ADHD Rating Scales

  • Rating Scales by Barkley & DuPaul

  • Useful for children

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ADHD be outgrown

Although it was beleived that it is a childhood disorder, research has shown that it continues well into adult life.  

It is however presented differently mainly because adults have developed coping mechanisms and have learned the ability to control their actions to a certain degree.

Is ADHD Medication bad?

There are many different opinions on the use of medication for ADHD.  

Personally I beleive it has a place, but it is essential that a treatment plan be done with a qualified psychiatrist, who will be able to work to the correct dosage as well as the correct brand.  Not all people react the same on the different available treatments.

Can I use ADHD medication to enhance concentration?

NO!  ADHD medication is for ADHD diagnosed patients.  Non-ADHD who use ADHD medication stand the risk of developing an addiction.

There are also some indication that it might have a reverse effect.  Don't!

Is ADHD a gift?

Some wants you to beleive it is.  Although ADHDers may have certain personality traits which others wish they had, there is no scientific proof that ADHD add some special traits to a person.

It is more often a case of what the ADHDer made of his/her disorder, not something inherent to ADHD.

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