It is our mission to provide information on common misconceptions on ADHD.

There are as many opinions on ADHD as there are people on this planet

Living with ADHD for the past 60 years and raising kids with ADD/ADHD forced me to understand what it is and how it affects not just our lives, but also the people we interact with.

In this quest, I have come across many misconceptions, ranging from "outgrowing ADHD", to "reducing sugar", to "medication abuse", to "a made-up disorder" and many more.

Hopefully this website will address some of these issues. If you need more information or support, please contact us.

Misconceptions & Myths

Outgrowing ADHD

ADHD is not a childhood disorder. Many Adults with ADHD will tell you many stories of how it affects even their adult life.

Medication is bad

Medication can be very helpful if it is administered correctly and by a qualified psychiatrist.

Its a myth

Many wants you to beleive its a myth. Talk to ADHDers and you will hear real stories of this disorder.

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