ADHD Predominantly Inattentive Type

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Predominant problems of attention, learning and executive control (generally called ADD)

People with attention deficit have a weakness in concentrating on one single issue at a time. Some even say that ADHD is not about having attention deficit, but having too much attention. All external stimuli will get the same attention.

People should be able to differentiate between stimuli and distinguish which stimuli are important for the task at hand. This ADHD hasn't got that executive control to retain information long adhd day dreamenough to be reinforced and saved in long-term memory.

Other associated traits are

  • an ability to over-focus on an issue which interest them. This may often also present itself in an tendency to pursue something past all reason. We find it difficult to "let go" when we are convinced that this is "the way to go". Such a time of high energy often flows over in a time of low action and energy.
  • drifting. Difficulty keeping focused.
  • appear "spaced out"; as if an ADHDer is living on another planet, not knowing what's going on around them.
  • difficult retaining/remembering things, keys etc.
  • difficulty to keep going on something started. ADHD people have a insatiable source of ideas and enthusiasm. Often these ideas get put into action, but soon fades away with less enthusiasm to follow through.
  • procrastination, especially on a task of less enthusiasm.


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