ADHD Quick Facts

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Disclaimer: Since the writing of this article, ongoing research have added much more clarification on what we know about ADD/ADHD.

  • It is a real condition and not "bad parenting". Dr Serfontein even say it's as "common as cold" 1. Environmental factors and parenting can however, affect the severity.
  • Its not a fad, its not a fraud. Just ask anybody with ADHD and they will tell you its real (and sometimes wishes it will leave them alone).neocortex
  • It is a hereditary brain inefficiency. There is an imbalance between the diencephalon and the neocortex of the brain, with the result that the "system of balances" (neurotransmitters) aren't doing their jobs properly.
  • It doesn't disappear in adulthood, as previously thought. It does however mellow. Symptoms are presented differently often because adults have learned to cope with them.
  • Often co-exist with an associated condition like a learning disability, Defiant Disorder, Depression etc.
  • "Stimulant medication is pivotal in the treatment of ADHD. You have to reach before you can teach" 2.
  • Medication does not cause the ADHD-person to become addicted. "You don't get addicted to reality" 3.
  • Studies showed that ADHDers metabolize glucose slower than non-ADHDers.
  • Media disinformation was the cause of much negativism around ADHD and especially medication for ADHD, hurting those affected with ADHD the most.
  • History is full of people who achieved greatness while having ADHD, like Beethoven, Einstein, Winston Churchill and many more.


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