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I was invited to attend an ADHD Workshop at the Dutch Reformed Church, White River' Bluetooth Parenting evening.

It was a very successful evening and I was struck about the need from parents and educators to know more about ADHD. We are often exposed to magazine articles about ADHD which doesn't tell us the whole "story". I shared with the group some research results from Russel Barkley on ADHD; the official diagnostic criteria from the DSM-V and the controversial topic of medication. Suffice to say for this news flash; I owe it to myself and my family (social relations) to take medication. I believe we should not think of medication and diet / environmental factors as an either/or approach, but rather an and/and. See also the resources page.

You can download the PowerPoint slides (it is unfortunately only available in Afrikaans) or listen to the Audio here (also in Afrikaans).

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