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I've learned a lot of ADHD from the following books I've read, and would like to give credit to them. Many information on this site is from these books, obviously interpreted from my own experience as an ADHDer.


  • Dr Christopher Green & Dr Kit Chee: Understanding ADHD, (1997), Mackays of Chatham, Chatham, UK.
  • Dr Gordon Serfontein: ADD in Adults, (1994), Simon & Schuster, Australia.
  • Sandra Rief: How to Reach and Teach ADHD children.
  • Judith Kolberg & Kathleen Nadeau: ADD-Friendly ways to Organize your Life, (2002), Brunner-Routledge, Sussex, UK.
  • Sandra Rief: The ADD/ADHD Checklist (1998), Prentice Hall.
  • Websites listed below.
  • Dr Russel Barkley is an authoritative on ADHD in adults. Visit his website here...

Dr Barkley has presented a very informative session about ADHD for the Canadian Centre for ADHD. Some of these video sessions are available on their website and YouTube. With all protocol observed and copyright (references below), I'll offer links to those videos here:

Other useful links are:


  1. ADHD video blog


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