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What is ADHD

A Gift? or a Struggle?
The more ADHD is becoming to be seen as a real issue, the more proponents are trying to convince the general public that it is not a disorder or a deficit of something, but actually a wonderful gift!

ADHD in Adults

Do we outgrow ADHD?
Many from the older generation believed that ADHD will be outgrown during the adolescence and adult life. It is now generally accepted that ADD/ADHD is prevalent in adults

What does the Science Say

Research Results
Not much research has been done on adult ADHD in the past. Many was of the opinion that it can and will be outgrown in adulthood. Recently, Russel Barkley (PhD) has conduct extensive research on adult ADHD.


The purpose of assessment is not to label people with a "condition", but to help yourself/somebody/ADHD families to better understand an ADHD affected person.

Self Help

Knowing from experience that ADHD is not outgrown or cured", it is true that adult ADHDers have developed skills over the years to handle those traits that are characteristic of ADHD.


Yes or No?
ADHD Medication is forever in the news; is controversial and has a "bad name". People say it makes them "Zombies"; no real difference; depressed; anxious etc.

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